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"vampire" is a reflection of a toxic relationship that is draining the singer of her emotional energy and leaving her feeling powerless. The use of vampire imagery reinforces the sense of danger and violence in the relationship, while the repeated question "How do you lie?" suggests that the singer is struggling to reconcile her feelings for this person with his dishonesty. vampire is about a person who is draining the singer emotionally. The use of vampire imagery suggests that this person is sucking the life out of the singer, leaving her feeling depleted and exhausted. The repetition of the question "How do you lie?" suggests that the singer is grappling with deception in their relationship with this person. The line "bleeding me dry like a goddamn vampire" reinforces the idea that this person is draining the singer's energy and resources, leaving her feeling empty and powerless. The imagery of sinking teeth suggests that this person is not just taking from the singer, but actively hurting her. The line "you only come out at night" adds to the sense of secrecy and deception in the relationship, suggesting that this person is not willing to be open or honest about their intentions. The final line, "look at you, cool guy", suggests a sarcastic tone, as if the singer is mocking this person's attempts to appear aloof and detached.

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