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Ogbert the Nerd - Mungus Borgar Rides Again

Uh oh
There goes the neighborhood
Just like you thought it would
Before everything we knew started to fall apart
Go on grow up you’re an adult now
Don’t you want to make your parents proud
At the expense of everyone you know?
Everybody knows what we did alone
And there’s no way of hiding from it now
This wasn’t important to me
Now I’m lying on your floor
Telling you what's on my mind
Because I just couldn’t hold them in anymore
What was the point if we both gave up?
What was the point if we both think we fucked up
And we can’t figure out what we fucked up on?
If the neighborhood floods
Are you gonna drag me up
Or leave me to drown the way you left your friends?
Do you think that I’m stupid?
Do you think I’m weak?
Do you think this is pointless like everything?
It’s the way that I feel all the time!
Do you feel how I feel all the right time or no...?
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