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Offset - Quarter Milli (feat. Gucci Mane)

[Intro: Offset]
Yeah, Metro, Metro-Set
You know what it is, uh
Uh, yeah (Woo, woo, woo)

[Chorus: Offset]
I made a whole mil' off of the dribble (M&M)
Bought a Richard Mille, quarter milli' (Richard Mille)
Sippin' out the seal, hurt the kidneys (Sippin', seal)
Trappin' Bobby, R.I.P to Whitney (Brown)
Lamborghini, 12 come get me (12)
Audemar Piguets, one-fifty (Piguets)
The ball-man make one call (Boss, brr)
Hit him with the saw (Raa)
Pull up, Ferrari, creep, crawl (Skrrt, skrrt)
Then I put my wrist on froze (Ice, yeah)
Yeah, I went rose-gold with the Patek (Patek)
I had to grab the choppa for the static (Braa, braa)
Mama in Celine, fuck my daddy (Mama)
Luther King with the dream, work magic (Luther King)
Pinky ring start a scene, need glasses (Pinky ring)
Get to floatin' off the lean like Aladdin (Woo, woo)

[Verse 1: Offset]
Had to switch my lane, my pattern (Switch lane)
Rolls Royce, it's a ghost like Casper
Came through drippin' in the peacoat (Drip, drip)
I was sittin' in the pen, face the RICO (Woo)
My daddy on dope, tryna keep low (Dope)
Put the AP on my mama, she on fleek, ho (Woo)
Double C's on my feet, Valentinos (Double C's)
I got 13 M's, Dan Marino
Don't work in a gym, work a kilo
Knock, knock, who is that? Check the peephole (Who?)
Choppa get to kickin' like Cato (Woo, woo, woo)
Diamonds dancin' like Fabo (Fabo, Fabo)
Flip a nigga's ass when I say so (Say so, say so)
With a Glock, not a Draco (Glock)
Connect the dots like a Lego (Dots)
Chicken in the wheel, MAACO (Woo)
We did the independent takeover (Independent)
I make a bitch get the makeover
Kickback like a Maybach Benz (Kickback)
.38 with the beam back then (.38)
Stay clean and the money comin' in (Stay clean)
1988 my lens (88)
Fucked the bitch, then she ate her friends (She ate)
What you got in the safe? I want in (Safe)
Pew, pew, pew, pew, get spinned (Bow, bow)
Hunnid racks, I can blow it in the wind

Yes, this is one of their many collaborations. Gucci Mane featured on Migos' track “Slippery” off of Culture, Offset featured on Gucci Mane’s track “Met Gala” off of Droptopwop and they’ve both featured on Lil Baby’s “Realist In It” off of Street Gossip.

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