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Offset - On Fleek (feat. Quavo)

[Chorus: Offset & Quavo]
Diamonds on fleek (Fleek), I'ma rock her to sleep (Sleep, sleep)
She get geeked (Geeked), no sleep, Percocet freak (Perky)
Bought her a plain Philippe (Philippe)
You part of the team, you unique (Unique)
Then bought her Chanel, Celine
I’m fly with no wing to show that I'm sweet
She eat it like Lean Cuisine
She wet like a faucet, the sink got a leak (Oh yeah)
I like them thick and petite
But hold that shit down, don't be giving out teeth (Petite)
Beat it, I beat it, I beat (Beat)
She drippin’ repeated, she fucked up my sheets (Repeat)
Fly her to Greece (Greece)
I paid the fee, now you're leased (You're leased)

[Verse 1: Offset]
Get in there, I'm about to die (Get in there)
She lovin' how a young nigga vibe (Vibe)
Migo gang we the top five (Top five)
All these surfers tryna ride (Surfers)
Big boy money in the vault (Big boy)
Look at this honey I bought (Bought)
Hit it from the back, say aww (Say aww)
Hit it in the back of my loft (My loft)
Put it on the perc, she don't snort (Perc)
I'm runnin' from the thots chasing clout (Runnin’ from ’em)
Put a big dick in her mouth (Ehh)
Go on, take your lips down south (Down south)
Standing on the stage 'round the crowd
I ran the money taller than Yao (Yao)
I’m 'bout to wife the bitch now
I'm 'bout to marry your mouth
Put on Emilio Pucci (Pucci)
We gon’ make a little quick movie (Quick movie)
She gon' hit the nigga with the Uzi (Rah)
I've been dodgin' bitches and the groupies (Dodgin')
Ooh, she bad, she a cutie (Ooh)
I put her in the trap, whip a QT (QT)
Your bitch get Suzie choosie (She choosie)
She wanna fuck on the groupie (Gang)
I done some put some ice on, you're glazed (Glazed)
Put the knife in the steak (Steak)
Took a flight to Kuwait ('Wait)
Spend a night in Barba' (Barba')
Wanna drink the Henn', Ace of Spades
In the cut, sippin' codeine Kool-Aid (Kool-Aid)
Heard your bitch got lost in the maze (She lost)
She got lost in the vault unpaid (Unpaid)
Shawty too bad, she slays (Slay)
Killer, she put in the grave (Grave)
I'm 'bout to make her my slave (My slave)
Fuck it, it's time to get paid (Hey)

On “On Fleek,“ Offset teams up with his cousin and fellow Migos member Quavo for a track about their jewelry collections and sexual endeavors. The phrase “on fleek“ originates from a June 2014 Vine video and can be best defined as something that is “exactly right“ or “done perfectly.“

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