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Offset - Legacy (feat. Travis Scott and 21 Savage)

[Intro: Offset]
808 Mafia!
What they gon' do?
What they gon' do?
What they gon' do?
My wrist on ooh (Ooh)
My wrist on, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Hey)
Southside on the track, yeah

[Chorus: Offset]
Put blindsides on my eyes young nigga, I can feel the money (I can feel the racks)
I got some young niggas pull on the opps, and they kill for money (They slide, they slide)
You ever felt a zombie? (Who?)
Yo' body gon' smell like vomit (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
I done went bad (Bad)
Ever since I got checks I don't run and get mad, that's not how I react (React)
But she throwin' it back, I done threw it right back
I spent 40K flat (Flat)
Don't worry my nigga, get part of the clip so I got it right back (Right back)

[Bridge: Travis Scott]
By the way, way it's going down, it's been going up
I can't hold nothing back, I won't hold you up
I can't fit all my pain in this styro' cup
Always talk to myself 'cause it's only us
Always deep in my mind, don't know who to trust
I been rolling 'round town feeling woozy
Tryna ride on my side, I get choosy
I don't know who is trying to use me

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