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Offset - How Did I Get Here (feat. J. Cole)

[Intro: Offset]
Uh, nobody, you know what I'm sayin', nobody, nobody thought a nigga would be right here, though, you know
That shit make like, that shit make, that shit make a difference in me and you
You was supposed to be here, nigga
Nigga, I wasn't 'posed to be in this motherfucker
Man, you know what I'm sayin'
Give all the glory to God and hard work
But you niggas gotta respect this shit, you know what I'm sayin'
I'm straight from the...

[Chorus: Offset]
Where I'm at? (Where) Where I go? (How) How did I get here? (How did I get here?)
Walk around with a Smithfield (Smithfield)
I'm from the south, had a gold grill (Gold grill)
Remember doin' shows in Mobile (Mobile)
Go against me and it's roadkill (Roadkill)
Wakin' up to see the sunrise (Sunrise)
I turned five, I got baptized (Baptized)
We was livin' up in College Park (College Park)
Midnight, heard the gunfight (Gunfight)
Playin' football at Forest Park (Forest Park)
Gresham Park where your moment get defined (Get defined)
The story of my life (The life)
Way before I ever wrote a rhyme (Way before)
Have you ever done time? (Time)
Lookin' at my kids through the blinds (Blinds)
Confinement mind (Confinement)
How you feelin' when you face a dime? (Time)
The truth be told (Told)
I'm supposed to be locked up and dead, cold (Cold)
In the mind of an old (He cold) white man, the black man soul

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