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Offset - Came A Long Way

Yessir, know what I'm sayin’? (Hey!)
Young nigga Metro, know what I'm sayin', make magic, y’know what I'm sayin'?
For the streets, know what I'm sayin'? (Hey!)

Came a long way from the choppa and the car (Raa!)
When I'm on the North they treat me like I'm Escobar (Nawf)
I was kicking doors, never thought of being a star (Hey)
Now I pull up in the Rolls with the baddest of them all (Bad)
I pour a four, now I'm sittin’ on Mars (Mars)
I lift the doors when I’m pulling out garage (Skrrt)
You got exposed, rapping hard they pulled your card (Who?)
We selled the dope, never thought rapping would go far (Dope)

[Verse 1]
I done exploded, turned rapping to an art (Boom)
Swimming with the sharks (Shark), trapping when it's dark (Dark)
Better be smart (Smart), money make a nigga aim at your body parts (Rah)
Money make a nigga change, make him lose his heart (Change)
Me and Metro bring the pain, then we top the charts (Pain)
3400 Club Drive where we started
I was seventeen with a .15 carbon (B-r-r-rah), I turned into a goblin (Rah)
I was having dreams of getting rich off of robbin’ (Robbin')
Fucked around, my grandma got sick, couldn't solve it (Who)
Two years later I got rich and I'm ballin’ (Woo)
Gotta keep that fire like my shadows it's gone follow me (Rah)
I won't let this fame or these chains break my family (Nah)
I was in them chains up in Vanguard settlement (Chains)
Fuck it, put that ring on my main bitch, you stuck with me (Fuck it)
I'ma call the gang, say my name, they gone plug for me (Rah)

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