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Of Virtue - Soul Searcher

Was it ever in the back of your mind that once you brought this life into the world
You could show him how to love something not of his own blood
"Mother, where have you gone? And father, where have you been? I see too much of myself in you."
Well, now he's all alone and as much as you’d hate to admit you're one to blame
The truth stands still as you run away
This ugliness is building up walls that true beauty in life has yet to tear down
This disease has control, it's a stronghold and the cure is staring us right in the eyes
With a smile on it’s face
With a smile on its face, and the intentions of a snake, and the confidence of a rat
Take me to a place called home, a place where I feel right about being alone
Take me home
All I know is that there is hope here buried under the sins, regrets that we've been sinking in
Making ourselves out to be some bastard child
I heard your footsteps get quieter in the distance
But when I turned around, all i saw was a blanket of untouched snow
No where found
Take me to a place called home, a place where I finally feel alive
We live our lives alone, but alone we are togetherYou might also like

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