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OFB - Purge

Drill squad
Ay, ay, ay

[Verse 1: SJ]
On the opp block mans purgin'
Done a long glide now my pet’s on E (It's on E)
Don't think you can flex with me
Get bun if you rep anything that’s green (Bow, bow, bow)
Hold on, gotta link this fiend
So it's three, straight cash, no ticks on me (No way)
And my nigga jumped out, slapped it with a lean
And he hit one man, he got smoked for free (Bow)

[Verse 2: Bandokay]
I'm a Farm block t'ug babe, take it easy (Back weh)
You can get chinged on the mains like Gabz
Or outside the dance like DV
You can get drilled by Clapz and Dappz (My bros)
And have blood all over their VV's
In a dance with a bottle of Henny
Jab tapped me like "look at this beanie"

[Verse 3: Double Lz]
Two dum-dums get put in the gauge
How many opps with little shit blades?
Then they think they're in Farm and they hit red gates
Free Boogie B, loves doing it bait
DV got put in his place
When I swung my baseball bat in his face (Dickhead)
What about when T got chased
He hopped that fence when he saw my mates
You might also like[Verse 4: SJ]
My opps crash corn from a distance
Man get up close tryna take a life (Up close)
They asked bro who done the chingin'
I told bro-bro we can't shed no light (No light)
I see-I see Jakes in my distance
Keep your head down and bro take the right (Head down)
’Cause there’s things and stuff in the ride
And I ain't tryna get nicked for intent to supply (No, I ain’t)
They got bro on the wing and I ain't tryna join him
But trust me, soon to be home (Free him up)
Ever since Bad B On The Nizz
All the bad B's won't leave me alone
Bro slapped it but it missed him
If it hit him it would’ve broke his bones (Bow)
And them man ride out just for Snapchat
When we ride out we don't bring no phones (No phones)

[Verse 5: Bandokay]
Two times Lil Jo's been splashed
Bros explained that the two door crashed
Smash, smash all the Niners trashed
How you got beef with the O? That's wass (You don't)
Fill up the dings and ped with gas (Let's go)
Tell my young boy plug use that vas
Any time, any day, I'll do it for Kash
Tell my [?] go step on the gas
Tell bro make it beat like MK (Yo)
Shoot that kid, no Pressplay
Right now I'm with Lz and SJ (My bros)
Tryna drench him, him and his best mate (Let's get it)
Tell bro make it beat like MK (Yo)
Shoot that kid, no Pressplay
Right now I'm with Lz and SJ (My bros)
Tryna drench him, him and his best mate (Let's get it)
[Verse 6: Double Lz]
U-turn, quick, best use them feet (Turn)
You ain't never gone to the opp block
Buck into opps, back your Rambz and they skeet (Back it)
I stepped with a wap at the age of fifteen
On the opp block, been searching for them man
I shanked up my man then cut from the scene (Splash)
Backed my Rambz and dipped up neeks
You can catch corn for screamin' Woodgreen (Bow)
The life that I live is a mazza
You don't wanna see this four door pull up
Windows down, containin' a hammer (Bow)
I give it to bro, he's a well known slapper (Bow)
Jump Out Gang, still do it on camera
Roll on opps, watch everyone scatter (Runner)
And how can these Niners talk
Damn, I swear his bro got splashed up (Dip up)

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