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Novo Amor - Utican

[Verse 1]
Hear that?
Oh my god, I’ll fill the coffee over
Tear out
All my love until my blood runs sober
Oh, let me down
My body’s sinking, I can feel it now
Oh, hear me out
I’ve been thinking I won’t stick around

[Chorus 1]
See that?
Oh my God, I think we lost control
Feel that?
Don’t mind me
I won’t be here for long

So please don’t tell me now
I swore it for you once and it gets me down
So please don’t tell me now

[Chorus 2]
Oh, get me out
My body’s shaking, but I don’t fear it now
I’ll sing it out, thank god you’re shrinking
‘cause I won’t be around
So I would take a bow

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