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Nothing But Thieves - Can You Afford To Be An Individual

[Verse 1]
I couldn't be anything that I didn't wanna be
It's stubborn as hell, or a problem with authority
'Cause it won't mirror your image of masculinity
Oh, did I disappoint ya? Sorry to disappoint ya

What will you do when the vultures come for you?
Will you run and hide?

[Verse 2]
And now we're breeding a feeling of animosity
Our thoughts are tribal, go viral and now it's deafening
Oh, how we're loving in the comfort of pack mentality
The internet has teeth and it eats and eats and eats ya
So are you scared of your own introspection?
Why could that be?
Oh, maybe you object to what you find there

And as you stare into your own reflection, what do you see?
Your black hole for a soul

And as you stare into your own reflection, what do you see?
Your black hole for a soul

[Verse 3]
So, how's it bеing a prisoner of your own illusion?
Up on a pedestal, rеvelling in your own confusion
I see you hide behind your altar or your constitution
But you can't live forever in your own echo chamber
And you're so scared of the people up in your fairyland
But how can you hate something you don't even understand?
Oh, you're a walking contradiction in a MAGA-hat
It's where I wanna be, God bless the land of the free
So who are you to tell us where we do and don't belong?
And who are you to tell us who to love and who to not?
Because your mother told ya you would win when you were young
Oh it's a boy's wonderland, we know it now
But now the liberals aren't liberal, they're just as venomous
And you can't have an opinion unless you're one of us
No second chances, you're branded, your kind are dangerous
We're bringing each other down, we're tearing each other down
So have I gotta kill myself to be original?
And if I fucking hate you all, am I a criminal?
Can you afford to be an individual?
Can you afford to be an individual?You might also like

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