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Nina Nastasia - Just Stay in Bed

I like it here in bed, don't push me out instead
If you miss me, I will pull down the sheets
There's much we can do here, alone or together
Whatever you please, it will please me, I'm sure

Right now, I'm unhappy and happy feels sappy
With you here beside me, something will rise
And the evening will fly
Fly into sunrise, we're out of the shadows
And maybe, just maybe, I won't wanna hide
But hiding is fine for me
And if you push this into something so bright
That my eyes fail to see
You will go down with me
I can be still as a pond when the lily pads keep to themselves
No direction in hand
You're always going and flowing like rivers that crash over rocks
And know just how to land

I like it here in bed, alone when I'm feeling dead
Death is a terrible place to stay long
But I can't control it, the poison's a slow drip
Dim is the day and there's nothing to be done about it

So, if you miss me, I will pull down the sheets
And maybe, just maybe, the dark will subside
And the rise will feel fineYou might also like

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