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Night Lovell - Light from the Car

[Verse 1]
Bad bitch call me back again
Said "I never wanna talk about the shot again", gone again
Never go on back, talk that shit I know you slack
Take this paper from my bank, and put that shit up on your lap
From the back, hit it from the back, hit you with that gat
Thought you said you'd pack, thought you- thought you'd take a lap
All about the fuckin' money
Know I said I'd be there now it's fucking funny

Dark dreams seem to fall
Thinking 'bout the light beams from the car
Know you want it
Shapeshift, mind switch, and we do it again, do it again, again
And you made a plan to make a song
When I see that I know all that's wrong, all that's wrong (Yeah)
All that's wrong
All that's wrong
All that's wrong

[Verse 2]
Back now like a predator
Come down fix that aperture
Bad bitch named like Laddera
Lights off where's the camera?
Plan to see the fuckin' sea, I see the way you look at me
Truth is told through stories, told 'bout kings and queens and enemies
Here's the key, I told that bitch to leave
I told that man at ease, told that- told that nigga, please
Up North is where I make the shit you thought I'd never do
Now tell me that my fuckin' shit does not apply to you, nigga

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