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Night Lovell - Joan of Arc

[Intro: Night Lovell]
You ain't talk back, like
You'll see
Yeah, ayy, ayy

[Chorus: Night Lovell]
Tell me that she wanna ride me through the night then call me back
I like how she riding 'cause she take that shit all in that bag
I got bands in my pants and I'm dancing
I'm like man, you a fan, why you snapping?
Numb the pain, so I'm like, baby, you my novocaine
I don't even know you, swear to God, bitch, how you know my name?
I'm like damn, why you mad? I'm the god, nigga
I'm so sorry, check that shawty, she's a gold digger

[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
I don't give a fuck, never cleaning up
Bitch, my blood is mud, never clean it up
Enter the Chamber of Love, set it on fire and run
Bitch, I'm a slut when it come to the drugs
I was sent here to get fucked up and then die
You don't want me, bitch, and if you say you do, then you're lyin'
I ain't a socialite, I'm staying home tonight
Maybe another night, shawty give me dome, I'm high
Never thinking with a sober mind
So I might guess that she left me for the same reason she loved me
Stole her fucking pills and now she don't trust me
Slapped me 'cross my face, she said, "Ruby, you disgusting"
Baby girl, I got money, ain't no need for discussing
Told me never call her back and I don't think she bluffin'

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