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Night Lovell - Alone

[Verse 1]
Thinkin' as I count these fuckin' days (Fuckin' days, bitch), ayy
Tell me if I'm lookin' better (Lookin' better)
Just the other night I was playin' with this Beretta (This Beretta)
I've just been so fed up (Been so fed up), ayy, ayy
My mama said I'm actin' kinda different (Kinda different)
It's probably all the shit that I've been missin' (I've been missin')
I don't tell nobody 'cause I don't do any bitchin' (Ayy)
'Cause that's when all these niggas catch you slippin', ayy
Hope I find the truth while I'm alive (While I'm alive)
Before I fuckin' die (Before I die)
Bеfore I say goodbye (I say goodbye)
Bеfore they tell me all the shit I did was just a lie (Was just a lie)
This really ain't my motherfuckin' life, ayy, ayy
Takin' out this notebook every day (Okay)
Writin' down my feelings 'cause it makes me feel okay (Okay, ayy)
Promised you I'd take you from the life you livin' now (Ayy)
But then we hit the ground, the ground

[Verse 2]
They say that they killers (Killers)
They just pussy niggas (Niggas)
We runnin' down your villas (Villas)
Know they probably lookin' (Lookin')
'Cause they know that I'm cookin' (Cookin')
That's probably what they took in (Took in, bitch), ayy, ayy (Ayy)
I wish I told you all that's in my head (Uh-huh), instead (Uh-huh)
I lay you on this motherfuckin' bed (Yeah), correct (Bitch)
I don't give a fuck what you expect (Expect)
So put your fuckin' pride (Ayy) to rest, ayy (Ayy)
I saw you pop that, now you movin' so slow (Okay)
Pull up on me, tell me, bitch, where you wanna go?
It's three AM and you ridin' me on the motherfuckin' floor (Floor)
Six AM and you tellin' me that you wanted some more, okay
I'm gettin' older and I'm losin' some friends (Ayy)
Thought they was my niggas, but they don't make no sense
When you find out what you fucked up, don't be textin' my phone, ayy
I like it better when you leave me alone, bitch

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