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Nick Lowe - Cracking Up

Cracking up, I'm getting ready to go
Had enough, I can't take any more
No pills that I can take
This is too real and there ain't no escape

It scare the daylights
It make a nightmare
I'm tense and I'm nervous
Everybody all around me
Shakin' hands and sayin' howdie

I don't think it's funny no more

Cracking up, Like a worn out shoe
Ain't wet, but the world leakin' through
I'd run, but I find no pace
I laugh, but it's wrecking me
Wrecking me

It make a shiver, it make a shake
It make a monster, just like an earthquake
Everybody havin' fun
I don't know how they can carry on

'Cause I don't think it's funny no more

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