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Never Ending Game - God Forgives...

Remember the days of loyalty?
It's clear to me it never meant a thing
Should've learned from the fools before
Now I'm left all alone again and the only fool is me

Hate them, join them, don't crawl back
What we possess is what you lack

Loyalty is dead, do what you like
Face the fact, I'm alone in this fight
Hate you, fuck you, don't come back
It is what it is, you turned your back

No sympathy for those who left me behind
Dead to me that's all you'll ever be
Don't call on me in your time of need
I wait for the day when your time will come

You'll remember me

Listen up, for the true, you know I'd die for you
Just say the words and I'll be there willing to lose
And when it's all said and done
To the fakes, your time will come

God forgives
N.E.G. don't

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