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Nas - Firm Biz

The squad is next to the train station. Boomerang throws a blade with a camera on it, and the cellphone shows Enchantress dancing in front of her device with the pillar.
FLAG: We think that thing's a weapon. Here. Lower.
Flag zooms in… before Incubus notices the boomerang and destroys it, cutting the feed.
DEADSHOT: We gotta take out the big one.
FLAG: I left a big ass demo charge down there in that subway. There’s a flooded tunnel ... Leads right underneath that building. SEALs, they can recover the charge, swim underneath that thing’s feet. We get in its face and distract the hell out of that son of a bitch. So the swimmers can blow the bomb. That’s how we take it out.
The SEALs, carrying scuba tanks and such, are approaching the flooded tunnel. As they ready the equipment, Croc gets near them.
KILLER CROC:I’m going with ya.
GQ: We got this.
KILLER CROC:I’m not asking bro. [removes jacket] I live underground. Y'all are just tourists.
He then dives into the flooded staircase.
Near the entrance to the station, Flag, Harley and Deadshot are loading their guns, and Boomerang sharpens a blade, while he watches a tearful Katana talk to her sword in Japanese.
KATANA:My dear husband, if I die in battle. We will finally be together.
FLAG: The man who killed her husband used that sword. His soul's trapped inside of it. She talks to him.
BOOMERANG:Hey, well ...You know what they say about the crazy ones.
Deadshot and Boomerang smile. Katana returns the sword to the sheath.
FLAG: Let’s do this.
They walk on.

In the tunnel, Croc is swimming. Above the ground, the destroyed station is full of rubble and discarded bullet shells.
DEADSHOT: You gonna fight with us?
DIABLO:What if I lose control?
DEADSHOT: Then maybe we’ll have a chance.

Eventually they are approaching the main lobby, where Enchantress continues to power her magic device.
FLAG: Duck in.
They hide behind the pillars while watching the actions.
HARLEY:Hey, everyone can see all this trippy magic stuff right?
FLAG: Yeah why?
HARLEY:I’m off my meds.
DEADSHOT: That’s your old lady huh?
FLAG: Yeah.
DEADSHOT: Well, you need to handle this shit, all right? Get up there, smack on her ass, tell her: "knock this shit off".
FLAG: I do not think that'd be wise. I’m gonna draw out the big one. My boys will detonate the bomb underneath him.
BOOMERANG: [to Katana] You know, we should get a drink sometimes.
Suddenly, they hear a voice in their heads…
ENCHANTRESS: I’ve been waiting for you all night. Step out of the shadows. I won’t bite.
Harley tries getting closer…
FLAG: What the hell? Grab her.
…but Deadshot stops her.
ENCHANTRESS: Why are you here? Because the soldier led you? And all for Waller? Why do you serve those who cage you? I am your ally. And I know what you want. Exactly what you want.
They start having visions. In Deadshot, he shoots his gun, pulling out a cloth from above the victim… and it’s Batman. Harley presses “Normal” in the drier, and is shown to look like an ordinary housewife, while carrying a baby, and kisses the Joker in a suit, with regular skin and hair, who greets another kid in the table. Flag is disturbed in his bed…
JUNE:Baby. Baby. Baby. It’s just a nightmare. It’s just a bad dream. I’m here.
…and Diablo sees his kids (the girl, with a shirt reading “Dreams do come true”) with a quizzical look while seated in a leather couch.
Diablo's Wife: Miss me? I'll put the kids to sleep and then we can kick it? Yeah?
DIABLO:I can’t change what I did. [breaking from the vision] And neither can you!
HARLEY:He married me.
DIABLO:It’s not real.
DEADSHOT: I killed the Bat.
DIABLO:No homie, you don’t want that.
HARLEY:What? I want that.
DIABLO:She’s trying to play games with you man. It’s not real!
FLAG: He’s right. It’s not real.
They walk down the stairs to the lobby.
ENCHANTRESS: How long have you been able to see?
DIABLO:My whole life. You can’t have them. These are my people right here.
ENCHANTRESS: But it is our time. The sun is setting and the magic rises. The metahumans are a sign of change.
DEADSHOT: Lady ...You are EVIL!
ENCHANTRESS: (in Moonspeak) Brother. make them bow to me.
Incubus is approaching.
BOOMERANG:Who's this? It’s gonna be bad!
DEADSHOT: We should run.
Flag fires his rifle. Incubus shoots his tentacles, but the Squad either scatters or ducks avoiding his attacks. Flag eventually contacts his other team…
FLAG: GQ, come in. were in position.
…who are being attacked by swimming goons. Boomerang tries throwing an exploding blade at Incubus, but he just slaps it in the air.
SOLDIER: We gotta get him in that corner. That’s where the bomb will be.
DIABLO:I'll do it! I'll get him there.
Incubus kicks a bench onto Boomerang. As he readies his “shot”, Katana cuts the hand. Incubus stares at the stump and grows another. Katana runs to avoid the tentacle.
DIABLO: I lost one family. I ain't gonna lose one another.
DEADSHOT: Look, think it through ...
DIABLO:I got this. Let me show you what I really am.
He runs…
DIABLO:Over here!
…and shoots fire at Incubus, pushing him backwards. Once Incubus recovers, he kicks Diablo up the stairs. Deadshot shoots Incubus with the wrist guns before being kicked as well. Harley and Boomerang try approaching, but are kicked too. Diablo then gets angry, and shouts as he’s engulfed by flames, and reappears as large flaming avatar resembling an Aztec priest.
DIABLO: (subtitled) It’s on, bitch!
Incubus throws tentacles, “God Diablo” shoots flames that destroy them, and eventually punches him in the face.
In the flooded tunnel, Croc is fighting a goon and talks to the nearby Edwards.
He swims away, and above the ground Diablo and Incubus keep fighting. GQ eventually gets to the corner with the bomb.
GQ: Rick, in position. Standing by.
FLAG: Diablo, drive him into the corner!
Diablo starts pushing Incubus, while GQ puts the bomb on the ceiling. Diablo puts the hand on Incubus’s chest and burns him extensively…
BOOMERANG:Get him mate. Come on.
DEADSHOT: Yeah, do it.
…but starts to lose his strength and return to his human form, leading Incubus to choke him and pin him to the ground.
FLAG: Diablo, get clear! Get out of there!
DIABLO:Blow it!
DEADSHOT: Blow it.
FLAG: Now GQ, now.
GQ presses the button…
FLAG: Everybody down!
…the Squad ducks…
DIABLO: (subtitled) Now you’re screwed.
…and the thing explodes. Enchantress is shocked and then angry.
She falls on her knees, saddened. The Squad rises up, and then walks to check the hole.
Once Enchantress is back on her feet, they are all turned to her.
DEADSHOT: You next.
ENCHANTRESS: My spell is complete. Once you and armies are gone, my darkness will spread across this world. And it would be mine to rule.
She turns to the pillar, and shoots a massive energy beam. In the Pentagon, a live feed shows a satellite being destroyed.
GENERAL: That was our main satellite uplink.
An image from Earth from outer space. Light beams are spread from Midway City to all across the United States. A lightning bolt destroys a military facility the Pentagon is watching.
TOLLIVER:How did this witch even know how to target this thing? Its a secret facility.
Cut to how she knows – Waller, tied up in tentacles, one directly on her head.
DEADSHOT: You got a move here, Flag?
FLAG: We gotta cut her heart out.
Enchantress turns around, angry, and reverts to her black, feral form. She teleports next to Deadshot and punches him, making him fly. She then sweps Flag’s leg, and starts fighting the other three. Harley and Boomerang are downed, but Katana cuts her. Everyone gets up again.
FLAG: While were fighting ...that thing is laying waste to the whole damn world.
The pillar shines again, and then a beam is seen destroying an aircraft carrier.
FLAG: Where is she?
HARLEY:I don’t know.
Laughter is heard, and Enchantress reforms, with two blades in her hands.
She teleports right to the middle of the group, and prepares to jump on Deadshot…
FLAG: Look out, look out!
…but he blocks one blade with his wrist gun, wihile Katana does so to the other sword with her own. Deadshot blocks a sword, grabs the other hand, and punches Enchantress in the face. Katana parries the sword before Enchantress pushes Deadshot backwards. Everyone attacks Enchantress, with Harley ducking to avoid the blades. We see Croc coming out of the corner hole, and then Harley hits Enchantress in the head with the bat… only for Enchantress to not feel anything.
HARLEY:Uh-oh. Sorry.
Enchantress pushes her away with a stomach punch. Flag is subdued, and Enchantress tries killing him…
…but Deadshot blocks with his gun. Katana fights Enchantress before being knocked to the floor. Boomerang throws a boomerang at her, making her teleport after being hit, and jump on him, forcing Boomerang to block with his blades. While she’s pinning him to the ground, Deadshot shoots her in the back with submachine gun, making Enchantress turn… before Croc appears, grabs her and tosses her onto a pillar. When he tries throwing her again, she teleports in front of the light pillar. Everyone takes a battle stance.
She uses her magic to disarm everyone.
ENCHANTRESS: Of all who have faced me have earned mercy. For the last time ... join me ...or die.
HARLEY:I’m not much of a joiner ...but maybe we should.
DEADSHOT: Hey. She’s trying to take over the world.
HARLEY:So? Whats the world ever done for us anyway? It hates us.
DEADSHOT: Hey, Harley!
Harley starts to walk towards Enchantress.
HARLEY:Hey lady? I lost my Puddin'. But you can get him back, right?
ENCHANTRESS: I can, my dear. Anything you want.
HARLEY:You promise?
ENCHANTRESS: Yes. child. You need only bow ...and serve beneath my feet.
Harley is now face to face with Enchantress. She starts to get on her knees…
HARLEY:I like what you're sellin' lady. Theres only one teeny problem.
…to grab Katana’s sword.
HARLEY: You messed with my friends. ‘
Harley slices Enchantress’s chest, and pulls the heart out.
FLAG: Her heart’s out! We can ends this.
Flag gets his backpack...
FLAG: Hey, Croc!
…and hands Croc an explosive charge.
Harley gets her pistol on the ground, and tosses it to Deadshot. Croc throws the explosive in the magic device’s direction, and as Deadshot is preparing to fire, Enchantress lifts her head and uses her magic – to make Deadshot see his daughter.
ZOE: Please Daddy, Don't do it. The only way for us to be together is if you don't pull the trigger. Daddy I love you. Please don't do this.
He yells and fires a bullet, hitting the pack just as it’s engulfed by the light pillar. It explodes, destroying the whole thing and shutting down the light pillar. The swirling ring of rubble falls to the ground.
Deadshot sees Enchantress emerge from a caved-in hole in the stairs, when Flag touches his shoulder…
FLAG: That was a great shot man.
…and hugs him.
DEADSHOT: Hey, I don't do hugs. I’m not a hugger. I’m not a hugger. All right?
Flag lets him go. Boomerang sees the heart on the ground next to a Rolex, and pulls it out. Meanwhile, Enchantress is approaching Katana.
ENCHANTRESS: Let me join my brother.
Katana readies her sword…
FLAG: Katana, no!
…and stops, seeing Flag get the heart from Boomerang’s hands.
FLAG: Give me that. You bring June back. You bring her back.
ENCHANTRESS: She's not coming back.
FLAG: I'll crush this. Do you hear me? You bring June back or I'll crush this!
ENCHANTRESS: Go ahead. You don't have the balls.
Flag smashes the heart to dust, making Enchantress collapse and fall dead. Everyone gets sad, including Katana as she puts her sword back. Flag is desolate, but the body to his back is moving…
DEADSHOT: Hey, Flag.
…and when he turns around, he sees June ripping out Enchantress’s skin from her face.
FLAG: June!
He embraces her and they kiss. Harley sighs relieved and smiles.
JUNE:She's gone.
FLAG: I thought I killed you.
JUNE:I thought I killed you.
They kiss again.
KILLER CROC:Y'all don't mind. I got me a sewer to crawl back into.
DEADSHOT: Yeah, and I got some business to handle back in Gotham.
He hands Harley’s pistol back.
HARLEY:I'm going to hotwire a car, need a ride?
DEADSHOT: Your ass is not driving.
HARLEY:Why not?
Suddenly, Waller appears, with her own detonator controller in her hands.
DEADSHOT: How are you not dead?
HARLEY:We just saved the world. A "thank you" would be nice.
WALLER:Thank you.
HARLEY:You're welcome.
DEADSHOT: So, we did all of this and we don't get shit?
WALLER:Ten years off you prison sentences.
Boomerang laughs.
DEADSHOT: Nah. that's not enough. I'm seeing my daughter.
WALLER:That can be arranged. Any other requests?
HARLEY:An espresso machine.
BOOMERANG:Ten years off a triple life sentence? Darling, I'm walking out of here a free man. Or we're to start having some real fun.
Waller gets on his face.
WALLER:Why don't have some fun?

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