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NLE Choppa - Narrow Road (feat. Lil Baby)

[Intro: NLE Choppa]
(Cook that shit up, Quay)
Top Shotta, Don Dada
Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda, uh
NLE the Top Shotta, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
I just copped the Range Rover (Big body), with some Forgis (With some Forgiatos)
Sippin' codeine (Codeine), feelin' like a dope fiend (A dope fiend)
He say I'm not a killer, that nigga don't know me (Brrt)
My OG told me put in work when I was fourteen (When I was fourteen)
Goin' down a narrow road (A narrow road)
Goin' down a narrow road (A narrow road)
Goin' down a narrow road (A narrow road)
I'm goin' down a narrow road, road, road

[Verse 1: NLE Choppa]
They tell me think smart (Think smart), I know right from wrong (Wrong)
They tell me I'ma get life with this dirty chrome (Get life)
Well, you would rather take a life before they take your own (Don Dada)
And bitch, I been through some shit, I come from a broken home
I got a different mentality, bitch, it's kill or be killed (Kill or, yeah)
I'd rather kill a rat before I write a statement and squeal (Yeah, yeah)
It ain't no fakes up in my circle, real recognize real (Yeah, yeah)
I kicked that boy up out my cot that night that I did my drill
'Cause, ayy, we are not the same (We are not the same)
I got murder, murder, murder runnin' through my brain (It's runnin' through my brain)
And bitch, I'm hurt up inside, piranhas swim through my veins (Swim through my veins)
Put your feelings on the toilet, watch it twirl down the drain
They askin' who I need, well, I don't need shit (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Only thing I need is this Glock 23, bitch (Grrt, grrt)
Flyin' overseas got a young nigga seasick
I was just posted in the street like some cement, yeah, yeah, yeah

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