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NLE Choppa - Camelot

Huh? Huh? Huh?

I ain't gon' say too much when a nigga speakin' on that hot shit
Fuck the police 'cause them bitches ain't gon' stop shit
Oppositions mad, if they play they gettin' popped quick
Flyest nigga in the game, yeah, I'm a cockpit
Posted on Camelot with a hundred some shottas
I be swimmin' with the sharks, lil' nigga, you a lobster
Bullets heat a nigga up, like he eatin' on some pasta
And shout out to Kingston, I keep me some Rastas

[Verse 1]
My niggas trappin' out the bando, shout out to the Migos (The Migos)
If a nigga knock wrong, shoot him through the peephole (Grrah)
The trap always open, bitch, we ain't never closed
We movin' them packs and we movin' them kilos
Step one, step two, do my dance in this bitch
Got a hundred some drums like a band in this bitch
Man, she keep on bitchin', all that naggin' and shit
Ho, shut the fuck up and just gag on this dick
I'm a side nigga, and I love when she swallow
If her nigga say something, hit him with a hollow
That glizzy (Yeah), knock your meat out your taco (Your taco)
Flexin' on these bitches, they call me Johnny Bravo
School of hard knocks, let me take you to class
My bitch is real skinny, but she got a lot of ass
I love counting money, I get a lot of cash
If you try to take it from me, his toe gon' have a tag, yeah

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