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NCT 127 - Kick It

[NCT 127 - 영웅 (英雄; Kick It) 가사]

[Chorus: All]
Yeah, let me introduce you to some
New things (Ayo), new things (Ayy, what), new things (Woo)
Bass kick swingin' like I'm Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (Ayo), Bruce Lee (You want it?)
Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy
불이 붙네 불이 붙네 (You know that), 이 무대 위로 뜰 땐 (Ha)
난 앞으로 찔러 좌우 Bruce Lee (Ayo)
날아다녀 하루 종일 Bruce Lee

[Verse 1: Haechan, Jungwoo]
Yeah, yeah (Say what?)
Coming up, 지금 여기로
Baby, 이 느낌은 이해 못 해 머리론
Fighting for all day
아무 생각 말고 너의 이야기대로 걸어

[Refrain: Taeil, Doyoung]
어두운 어제가 오늘을 삼켜버리기 전에
내 목소린 더 퍼져야 해 소리치면 돼
내겐 no more trauma

[Pre-Chorus: Yuta, Johnny, Haechan]
Baby, we go wild (Ayy-ayy)
One two seven squad (Ayy-ayy)
난 앞으로 질러 pow
좌우로 내질러 pow

"Kick It" (영웅) is the lead single of NCT 127 's second studio album Neo Zone (2020). It was written by songwriters Wutan, Rick Bridges and danke of lalala Studio, while production was handled by Dem Jointz, Deez, Mayila Jones, Chikk, Ryan S. Jhun and Yoo Young-jin. Described as a "high-energy" song with "inspirational lyrics" that portrays the group's musical identity, An accompanying martial arts-themed music video premiered two days prior the release of the album. Music critics noted the song's "darkness" and "anthemic" return, in contrast to their previous singles, and believed it contributed to the group's musical diversity. Commercially, the song became their first top-thirty entry on Gaon Digital Chart, as well as the unit's first top-ten entry on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, peaking at number nine. It also entered at number three on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart at number eight, while becoming the unit's second entry on the New Zealand Hot Singles chart. The group went on to promote the song on several South Korean music programs in addition to their online concert via Beyond Live, titled Beyond the Origin.

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