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My Bloody Valentine - Come in Alone

Come in alone
__ ___
To let go
And I'll turn
You around
When your hopes
Gave me doubts
__ ____

Why I don't need
To believe
What you see
To look up
And around
You were gone
(words came out)
To a sound

I'm alive
You will see
(why I'm alive)
Felt like crying
Over her
I will go
To ____
___ f___ s___

On the existential level, we are all alone in our individual consciousnesses. As is said by Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman “life is a casting-off”, and so, to come to terms with the loss of one’s self at the end of one’s life, one must learn to “love to let go”. The speaker contends that the convictions of others about reality in no way impose any restrictions on how he may perceive it. The speaker chooses to keep to what he can physically see with his eyes, and his language indicates that he is free and open by looking “up and around”. To the speaker, “hopes”, perhaps meaning hopes of a life after death, however comforting, are ultimately just an evasive, palliative measure against the psychical turmoil to be found in coping with reality, in this case one’s mortality. The speaker finds that alternative explanations do nothing more than make him meticulously pick them apart. - via dormiebasne on Genius

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