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Mustard - Interstate 10 (feat. Future)

[Intro: Future & YG]
This shit breaking a nigga heart (Yeah)
The person they want a nigga to be (Where that shit go?)
This shit breaking my heart (The gang)
This shit you never see (10 Summers, yeah)
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Chorus: Future]
Yeah, skinny jeans on me with extendo
Hanging with them young niggas, flocking, pulling kick doors
Yeah, we was hanging at the bando
Fully loaded clip, went and snatched up a Benzo
Flew them Dracos out of LA on a PJ
And we taking off, no delay
No delay, we taking up the murder rate
Everything from chinchos to parquet

[Verse 1: Future]
Audemar baguette, have it tinted, better reli-lax
Money coming through, blue hundreds on impact
Married to the game, cop new pink stones
No new friends, cop five new phone
Aston money, need to be the right one
Double up my cups, ooh-ooh, pop one
Cop new drops, upper echelon
Hustlers dream to live lavish
In the middle of the night go to Saturn
Two-tone Patek, go spazzing
Ten brand new whips in traffic
No evidence, no lacking
Bentley routine, go re-up
Fully loaded magazine when you see us
It's a full time job tryna stay on point
Glock four-zero, hollow points, yeah

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