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Mustard - Ballin' (with Roddy Ricch)

I don't really wanna go
I don't really wanna stay
But I really hope and pray
Can we get it together?
Get it together
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Chorus: Roddy Ricch]
I put the new Forgis on the Jeep
I trap until the bloody bottoms is underneath
'Cause all my niggas got it out the streets
I keep a hundred racks inside my jeans
I remember hittin' the mall with the whole team
Now a nigga can't answer calls 'cause I'm ballin'
I was wakin' up, gettin' racks in the morning
I was broke, now I'm rich, these niggas salty

[Verse 1: Roddy Ricch]
All this designer on my body got me drip, drip, ayy
Straight up out the Yajects, I'm a big Crip
If I got a pint of lean, I'ma sip, sip
I run the racks up with my queen like London and Nip
But I got rich on all these niggas, I didn't forget, back
I had to go through the struggle, I didn't forget that
I hopped inside of the Maybach and now I can sit back
These bitches know me now 'cause I got them big racks
'Cause I'm gettin' money now, I know you heard that
Young nigga on the corner, bitch, I had to serve crack
Uncle fronted me some P's, had to get them birds back
We came up on dirty money, I gave it a birdbath
Cut off the brain and I give my bitch a new coupe
Either you from the Yah Gang or you're SuWoop
Got a New Orleans bitch and man, that pussy voodoo
And I'm that nigga now, who knew?

Compton native Roddy Ricch and Los Angeles native Mustard finally link up for their first collaboration. The West Coast collaboration was bound to happen, just like Roddy Ricch’s unique style was bound to be successful. Just like on “Ballin'” and Ricch’s solo songs, he has not had to change his sound or his material to make it big. The Compton rapper keeps it real on “Ballin',” sharing details about his come up, as well as some of the things he’s been lucky enough to buy since he’s made money in music. It’s important to note that Mustard placed “Ballin'” right before the closing track of Perfect Ten, the title track that features the late Nipsey Hussle. On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Mustard released the video for “Ballin'” on his YouTube channel continuing to push the song not long after the song hit the radio, only making it bigger. The video is very much a tribute to Nipsey, while still allowing Mustard and Roddy Ricch to ball out. During the week ending January 18, 2020, “Ballin'” peaked at #11 on the Hot 100.

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