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Muna - Around U

[Verse 1]
I would swear I'd never plan again
But I can see the irony
I'm humbled by the passing of time
I am brought down onto my knees
An Arizona half and half
A half a pack of cigarettes
A vacant lot, my tangled thoughts
Suburbia give me my God again

All senses say, nothing has changed
The soft lines from the streetlights fall the same on my face

But something massive happened here
I can feel it in the atmosphere
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you
I no longer revolve around you

[Verse 2]
And the house still stands where it was built
I know 'cause I drove by tonight
A candle in the bedroom
Where I once performed a holy rite
And I did stop to hang my head
Just for a moment at the light
'Cause now the altar is a bed
And now you're just a friend that once was mine

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