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Mr. Scruff - So Long

Hand out the window
Floatin' on air
Just a flip of the wrist
I'd be wavin' you goodbye

Drive past the lifeguard stand
Where I'd sit around waiting for you to remember

As I drive

How the girls could turn to ghosts before your eyes
And the very dreams that led to them are keeping them from dying
And how the grace with which she walked into your life
And stayed with you in your steps, pace with you a while
For so long, so long
So long so long

The speaker in this door is blown
So nothing sounds quite right
Takin' my time, takin' this drive
Away from this town, goodbye
And I drive this ocean road
And I remember
The small of your back
And the nape of your neck
I remember everything, as I drive
Wavin' this town, goodbye

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