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Moss Icon - Locket

Today there was a stream where a walker walked alone
Whistling a tune that drifted up through a tree
And stirred a bird up before it was heard by a girl

Today there was a vision
Of a house burning on a television
In a room inside an eye. In a head topped by a brown curl
A telephone ring in the middle of the night
Was said to cause fright in a dark house lived in by a family of four

Today is almost tomorrow and, if I think, not quite yesterday
But all this ahead, that sees not
Would at the foot of its bed
And tomorrow is not quite yesterday
Tomorrow's not quite yesterday

Last time I saw you, you didn't have brown hair
Now my footfalls don't echo in your halls no more
And creeping up the stairs to your room
Stick close I'd stay to the walls
Stick so close to the wall that the stairs don't creak at all

And I think I would know!
Last time I heard you at the table, I could feel that
I was a fear and a ghost
And now all my words have fears of mine alone

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