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Modern Baseball - See Ya, Sucker

I reckon you grew up in a town that said 'reckon' all the time
All your time so vile yet concrete
And I heard little rumors here and there
Little peeps that you may never leave

Well here goes nothing I mean everything
Finger crossed every morning
After a night of no sleep wondering if it will ever be me
But, I guess I'm doing just fine
Texting you 'sup's and 'heyy's
With a smile or winky face hoping to get the same

But I won't fucking wait for you to stop lingering
You've got to clingy to this town
To this town that you supposedly hate
And though it kills me to say
If you get stuck then I'm just gonna' leave

See ya, Sucker

On the corner of Canal and Broadway
Where that huge signs says love me
Shrouded in graffiti and the stench of weed
My heart just started screaming
'What if she just never leaves'

If you get stuck
I'm just gonna' go on without you
Yeah, it's shredding me in half
But I'm not gonna' lose you
And me too

And I reckon you grew up in a town that said 'reckon' all the time
But what gives you the right to wreck everything

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