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Modern Baseball - Re do

I wanna start from the top
Maybe like a do-over
Replace the voices in my head
With blind innocence...

[Verse 1]
I want a complete re-do
Maybe change my name
Report the losses, grab the claim
"It's a shame, it's such a shame"
We're pissing away our time
Cause we're pissing away these beers
No monumental moment ever came from saying
"Come on, dude, just take one more shot"

Try to, try to forget
That your bones will dismantle
And the dreams you had
They'll collide with time
Your unrequited love for life will surely—
Halt that, I'm thinking way too much at night

[Verse 2]
Maybe I could just move away
Or go extinct like a triceratops
But I love loving watching movies
Sitting back, and also breathing
My family and friends would be crushed
But is it enough? (Oh no, it's not enough!)
The future freaks me out, but I guess I could just
Curl up in a ball and think-

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