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Modern Baseball - Intersection

[Jake Ewald]
Standing at your intersection
Misinterpreting direction
See you from across the backyard
Fucked up by a good friend's wedding card

Every day, I walk away
But I don't get very far

I know your every secret
I know your every sound
But here I stare on from the fence
This old hungry bloodhound
Pretending in unending joy
To hate to be alone
To adore the great unknown
When all I know is you
And all you are is home
The words don't sound the same
When we speak over the phone

Father stops to ask a question
Haven't seen this place since last election
New kids all in deviant hairdos
Spilling beer on family heirlooms

The guys would like to go out tonight
But I don't know if I care to

Your hands are on my shoulders
Your hands are on my neck
Your eyes meet mine, suggesting
That I should not be upset

At Heathrow, there will be no band
As murderous as mine
One round of stock white wine
And as I sunk to sleep
My hampered heart did pine
I should not say I love you
But I feel it all the time
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