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Mobb Deep - Q.U. Hectic

Fuck it kid, whattup Queens in this motherfucker
(Tell you I'm bangin tonight kid)
(Yo Shorty got a FATTIE right there)
Queensbridge in the house, aiyyo wordup
Aiyyo Ty yo Ty c'mere Son
(Whattup Boo? Can I buy you a drink or something Boo?)
Whattup whattup?
Where Twins and them at yo?
(The fattie's bangin!)
I don't know (damn!)
I think Twins laid up
Aiyyo Son gimme two Hennessee
Son I want two Henessee's yo!
Straight yo, word up man!
Aiyyo what up with them Queens niggas man!
Hey, fuck you!
What? What the fuck, what?
Think they killers or somethin', man
Ay, fuck you money, whattup kid?
*more chaos*

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a man
And learned to use my hands for protection in scuffles
Throwin' my blows in doubles
I'm comin' from Queens, motherfucker, carryin' guns in couples
And wildin', a Q-U soldier
From Lefrak to Rockaway, back to Queensbridge, black
It's only crack sales makin' niggas act like that
Back in the days we would scrap, now you lay on your back
As things changed with time, I traded in my knuckles for a Mac-10
And rather live the life of crime
With my Bed-Stuy connection connectin' in two
It's liable to start shit too wild for you
Peace to, Baisley, Forty-P get down
And when you outta town, represent your ground
Them niggas bleed just like us, so show 'em where we come from
Queens; leavin' niggas done, son

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