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Mitski - Townie

[Verse 1]
There's a party and we're all going
And we're all growing up
Somebody's driving and he will be drinking
And no one's going back
'Cause we've tried hungry and we've tried full
And nothing seems enough
So tonight, tonight, the boys are gonna go
For more, more, more

[Chorus 1]
And I want a love that falls as fast
As a body from the balcony, and
I want to kiss like my heart is hitting the ground
I'm holding my breath with a baseball bat
Though I don't know what I'm waiting for
I am not gonna be what my daddy wants me to be

[Verse 2]
Smell that, it's wet grass, and smoke in my hair
I think I've had enough
But he wants a finale and I came prepared
And we're not going back
And I've tried sharing and I've tried caring
And I've tried putting out
But the boys, boys, boys keep coming on
For more, more, more
And change, change, change is gonna come, but
When, when, when?

"Townie" is a song about choosing authenticity and following one's own path, despite the expectations and pressures from their family. The narrator is rebelling against their family convention, by setting out to a party, drinking and searching for fulfillment in something more than the empty, preexisting ideas of what their family has foisted upon them. Despite the uncertainty of the future and the risk of failure, the narrator is determined to remain true to themselves and continue to search for meaning and purpose in life through their own individual journey. Ultimately, the narrator is rejecting the notion that they must adhere to what their parents want them to be, choosing instead to be who their body and heart want them to be.

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