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Mitski - Nobody

[Verse 1]
My God, I'm so lonely
So I open the window
To hear sounds of people
To hear sounds of people
Venus, planet of love
Was destroyed by global warming
Did its people want too much too?
Did its people want too much?

And I don't want your pity
I just want somebody near me
Guess I'm a coward
I just want to feel alright
And I know no one will save me
I just need someone to kiss
Give me one good honest kiss
And I'll be alright

Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody
Ooh, nobody, nobody, nobody

[Verse 2]
I've been big and small and
Big and small and
Big and small again
And still nobody wants me
Still nobody wants me

Mitski’s ninth track off her 2018 album "Be the Cowboy", “Nobody” was released as a single on June 26, 2018. The song touches on themes of alienation and estrangement, but over a disco-paced beat, it’s hard not to want to dance the lonesome away. "'I had just finished my Asia and Australia tour. It was right before the winter holiday’s and it was actually cheaper for me to stay on that side of the world, than to try to fly back on holiday prices to the U. S., so I just stayed on that side. I went to Malaysia, where I spent a lot of my childhood and I thought it would be great, like finally get to decompress, except I didn’t prepare for how fricking lonely it would be to just be all alone in a country where no one knows me, while everyone else I know is having holiday’s with their family and friends. I was also really tired and just the idea of everybody I know being at a different time zone and having holiday’s without me–it was just a combination of a lot of things. But yeah, I fucking broke down.'" - Mitski In an interview with The 405: "Was ‘Nobody’ always written as a disco song? Was that something you’d wanted to do?" “Yeah it was. I just wanted to write a four-on-the-floor dance track, because I like dancing. And there’s something about being so hopelessly lonely that you’re like "all I can really do is dance. There’s nothing else I can do; I can’t talk this away, I can’t fix these problems, I’m just going to go out and dance.”"

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