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Misery Signals - In Response to Stars

It was the last time we lost a fight without you
And finally now you understand
This was the dream and answer
Never stop this
All I wanted was you by my side
Those were true days
I watched them fall away
These boards will break
These boards will break against my ribs
We're shown ourselves
With our pride atrophied
A virture burns hot enough to cauterize
These boards will break
These were true days
I watched them fall away
I don't blame the last step in the sequence
It was your way
So many times we cursed your name
And I do not say I hold no regrets when I close my eyes
Just think of the things we could have done
I've shown myself
With my pride atrophied
I hope you know we always loved you
Forgive me for all things
Even though I watched us fall away
Wwith determination we carry on
And with determination we all must live on
We've all learned things from those days
I know that we all have grown
Even I now feel a calm like I have never known

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