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Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay - Suggestion In Devil's Shaded Eyes

Making your last steps
Walking straight towards the edge
Bearing your gloomy heart
Enclosed, locked, hidden within
Broken by the life

Spread the evil unleashed
While the good remains chained
You speak "your truth"
But keep the lies inside

It's only game
And nothing is sacred
The only thing that matters is your fame
And the way you fake it

Stop now and look back to the day
When you've chosen your way

Hurting those around you
"...and what, nevermind..."
Leave it all behind
So proud of your scars
Only weak cares for the love

You have invented your own look
The idea of the world outside
You've never looked back or turned
Always blind to the consequences

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