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Miley Cyrus - Someone Else

If you're looking for love
Know that love don't live here anymore
He left with my heart
They both walked through that door, without me
If you're trying to find pity, well you need to look somewhere else
Cause I surely can't help you
I'm hurting, myself
I've turned into someone else

I used to believe love conquered all
Cause that's what's seen in movies
Come to find out it's not like that at all
You see real life's much different

I don't want to see you go
I only want to see you smile
It hurts so much just thinking of
Felt like this for a while
I can't stand to see you there
We cried we lied
Cannot pretend to take us back
To what we had to make us feel alive again
Hold me close, don't let me go, I hope
Tell me now is not the end


[Verse 2:]
I used to believe love conquers all
Cause that's what I felt when you held me
I thought you'd catch me if I fall
And fill me up when I'm empty


[Bridge x3]
Love is patient
Love is selfless
Love is hopeful
Love is kind
Love is jealous
Love is selfish
Love is helpless
Love is blind

I've turned into someone else

"Someone Else" is a song by American recording artist Miley Cyrus for her fourth studio album Bangerz (2013). Cyrus collaborated with Mike Will Made It, MoZella, P-Nasty, and Rock City during the songwriting process, while production was handled by Mike Will Made It and P-Nasty. "Someone Else" is influenced by electronic dance music (EDM), and additionally incorporates elements of synthpop; its lyrics reference Cyrus' evolving public image during production of the parent record. Contemporary music critics were divided in their opinions of "Someone Else", feeling that its generic production overshadowed its lyrical meaning and Cyrus' vocal performance. Despite not having been released as a single, it peaked at number 93 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Cyrus has also performed the track during her ongoing Bangerz Tour, where she was notably suspended mid-air on a large hot dog.

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