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Miley Cyrus - Night Crawling (feat. Billy Idol)

[Verse 1: Miley Cyrus]
Sometimes I'm good for nothin'
Sometimes the best you've ever had
Sometimes I need your lovin'
Sometimes I stab you in the back

[Pre-Chorus: Miley Cyrus]
I found a meanin'
Just what I needed
Cut on the bathroom wall (Uh)
Midnight reflection
Cravin' attention
Under the disco ball

[Chorus: Miley Cyrus]
Night crawlin', sky fallin'
Gotta listen when the Devil's callin'
Can't shake it, I'll taste it
When it's yellin' out my name, I chase it

[Post-Chorus: Miley Cyrus]
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)
Come on, come on
Night crawlin'
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)
Come on, come on
Night crawlin'

"Night Crawling" is the sixth track from Miley Cyrus' seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, released in November 27, 2020. The song features Billy Idol.

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