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Miles Away - Yours Sincerely

I find it hard to comprehend the road you've taken
There's no turning back from here
And the person that I once thought I knew
Is now just a fading memory
And it feels like I've just scratched the surface
It's so disappointing leaves me confused
What went wrong?
The friends you now keep mean nothing to me
The opposite of everything we once were
Well it's true that I'm no angel but my conscious is intact
Something that I wonder do you lack?
What do you know about loyalty?
It's not just 'you've changed man'
I never knew you at all
Well that fucking hurts, eats me alive
Still I don't hate you, that's not my style
But I'll never give up on you
And I'll always be here for you
You were part of my life and you always will be
And that's just something that I won't forget

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