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Mike and the Moonpies - Danger

[Verse 1]
Since I've been on the road now
I've  seen a lot of danger
Met  a lot of strangers
They're one and the same
They know me by my first name
Just  another blue collar
The  shadow of my father
Following me

[Verse 2]
I've  never been lazy
Hell, I've been working my ass off
Waiting for the payoff
And going for broke
But  I love this life, kid
I was always gonna do it
There ain't nothing to it
When you're chasing a dream

'TIl I finally made my mind up
To fight for something more
Pulled my head out of the clouds
Picked my heart up off the floor
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Now that I'm a father
I see I was never patient
Another fabrication
I was carrying on
I wish that I could tell you
How I learned my lessons
And counted my blessings
Like a man should do
Just look out for the ladies
You're gonna meet a lot of mean ones
I'm willing to bet, son
You're gonna love a few

'Til you finally make your mind up
To fight for something more
And pull your head out of the clouds
And pick your heart up off the floor

I've made my stands
I've had blood on my hands
I've been drunk
And I've been lied to
I've lost love
And I've cursed the man above
But I'm still here
And so are you
[Verse 4]
But out here on the highway
Searching for the end-all
It's getting harder to defend all
The things I do
So don't let 'em catch you
Not a woman or a lawman
Nobody gonna understand
What you're going through

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