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Mike G - Stick Up Ft. Earl

- We gotta go over there, and we gotta swag it out this time.. not like fucking last time, nigga you almost slapped that blind bitch
- My fault, my fault..
- Now, Earl.. make sure your lips don't stick to your ski mask, everybody knows you're the only nigga with big lips and a big-ass forehead
- You got big lips too
- Now you over there, stop, st.. look! Aight?
- What?
- And remember, no names this time
- Yeah, Justin
- Dude what the fuck man? Either way, it's a stick up

[Verse 1: Mike G & Earl Sweatshirt]
Hold up, it's a Westcoast stick up
Sly Tendencies is in with me, I'm tryna get my rich up
Talking 'bout raising Richie dog, I'm tryna get my Rich up
Good for you? Man I'll give you life like an elixir
He sick, huh? Oh yes, it's a O.F. stick up, Mike
Tell this bitch to put the donuts in the bag quicker, right
Shit I strike niggas, bite bitches, wife hitter, Christ
It's a crisis, niggas hands up like it's a heist, Mike get 'em
Hold up, who'd you say the winner was?
I bet I'll finish quick and eat you faster than your dinner cause
They ask why they fly and crash, I say you gotta land slow
I'm Cancer yo, but healthy though, raps new Rambo

It's a stick up, it's a stick up
Put your hands in the air, it's a stick up

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