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Mike G - Crazh

[Verse 1:]
I'll just take this time to say, this goes to the girls
That wouldn't give me the time of day, now they're tryna see this star
When he's at his highest, but I'm different, midnight is when I shine
My brightest, so the difference is, if you're tryna see me then you
Better get your timin' right, we observe differently
Ain't got the same eyesight, only thing she sees is that my green
Goin' shine bright, she just wants the limelight
Yeah the type that I get every time I rhyme, right?
You're gon' regret it lookin' back like hindsight
You change clothes so much you forgot who you are, right?
You're gon' feel bad every time I'm here
And hang your head in shame ever time I'm near, yeah
You're gon' wanna clench your fist I swear
Because you ain't seein' nothin' like this
I swear we could have made it, no if's, no maybe's
You was actin' shady, and they're sayin' that I'm crazy?

They're sayin' that I'm crazy, they tell me that I'm crazy
They're sayin' that I'm crazy, they're sayin' that I'm crazy
(Cause I'm tryna get my money right) I guess I must be crazy
(Cause I be on the grind at night) I guess I must be crazy
(Cause I'm high, and this is my first flight) I guess I must be crazy
(Couldn't tell you what my life's like) I guess I must be crazy

[Verse 2:]
I was never a millionaire, but niggas never cared
What, so I never shared when they was down on their luck
Because I ain't get no handouts, I ain't run my damn mouth
This is where we move from fittin' in to standin' out
Because my team Odd so you don't want no problems
And even if you do then I guess we gotta solve them
No I never gave a fuck, no you can't depend on luck
And know that when you're feelin' down there's nowhere to go but up
Shucks, I'm losin' my mind can't you tell?
And I'm done messin' with y'all if I can tell that you ain't real
Nothin' to do but write them rhymes, came with thousands like it's wholesale
They wasn't helpin' I lost about a thousand in them hotels
So hell, I'll stack about a mil before I give
And I'm tired of dealin' with life but I get it how I live
This is the letter that was written to you, from me
I do what I got to do to get to where I wanna be, I must be crazy

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