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Mike G - Brown Bag ('04FTA)

[Verse 1: Mike G]
I'm still a hazardous spitter, I figure I'd rap to get richer
But after that I remembered, most artist ain't painting pictures
So when I started, I knew that they would thank me like November
Don't need a number one spot against you ranking contenders
And people say a lot of things but they never say what's real
How the fuck you talking about MC's on my heels
When they ain't got the same speed, we don't do the same things
Don't understand my words niggas like they can't read
Heard you're intimidated by people you can't be
And there's no coming to my level if your nose might bleed
So I got my shoes on, ain't no going slow
Shoot the other runners before they even say go, fuck 'em
[Interlude: Mike G]
Odd Future

[Verse 2: Mike G]
Ayo, I'm classic like '96 posted on the corner
No chain on, shoot up them niggas because I wanna
Fuck it, you'll see, don't bring your kids 'round me
Worse than that 25th fucking letter times three
You're a lame, I'm saying I ain't even in your range
Six banks one day, hit the block then change
That’s pretty much my only scheme to get rich
Cops come, answer the door like “I ain't did shit"
Fuck em all mindstate, kill em all attitude
Body didn’t fit in the case like that'll do
There ya go, make your heart beat at a faster pace
Go to shows looking for rappers to lacerate
You hear hollering and you just heard doom
Tell em don't fear me, fear the fuckin' full moon
Collect body parts and try to reattach at the seams
Like get em boys, get the wolves on your own team
Fuck em

[Interlude: Mike G]
Odd Future
You might also like[Bridge: Vince Staples]
Niggas don’t know what to motherfuckin' do
When that bullet hits your motherfuckin' head, bitch
We be on the block, servin' rocks, shootin Glocks
With the motherfuckin' neighborhood gang, ho

[Verse 3: Mike G]
Ayy I’m Mike G, bet they know my name on your block
It’s funny, I come around to watch everything stop
Nigga, red lights, red dots, pointed at ya headlights
Figure these niggas left cause their shit wasn’t dead right
OF Wolf Gang, number one asshole
Too many fuckin' bodies to worry about a death toll
All I know is Taco’s filming porno in the hotel
Earl fucking got away, Hodgy’s fuckin' duckin' jail
Vince is stashing murder weapons under the bottom bunk
And Tyler is riding around with a bitch in his trunk
Speakers loud and distorted, stickin' forks into outlets
Didn’t drop the body cause he left without the address
Had to call him up, ask why he wasn’t there yet
Said he swagged it out, so he didn’t use the MapQuest
Said he’d be surprised if he survived the night
Tell him dump the body in the first place you think is right
Like, they be on some raped sluts, I be on some caked up
Raise cups to the fact that you ain’t wakin' up
Take it how you want it, motherfucker get stuck
Bottom line is they are them, we are us, fuck em
[Outro: Mike G]
Odd Future

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