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Migos - Need It (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

[Intro: Offset & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Let's go
I'm surrounded by some real niggas (Lil Top)
Hey (Yeah), yessir (They won't do it), Buddah Bless this beat

[Chorus: Offset & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I said I need it
This Draco undefeated (Rrah)
Hit your block and then I bleed it (Yeah)
Go long, these bullets, he receive it
I can't see it (I can't)
My wrist look like a snow cone, make her eat it (Woah)
Once I see her, I give her that dope dick just like it's ether
Then I leave her, I can't get caught up, I can't be on Cheaters
There go them people, you know what it is
Go put the dope up 'fore they breach us
Before they breach us
I'ma get out this bitch and I'm strikin', I'm throwin' my heater
Whole lotta money, and still they keep comin'
Forever I'm livin' my life like a bleeder (Slime)

[Verse 1: Offset, YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Both]
Dope boy (Dope)
I'm straight out the Nawf, I came up sellin' hard (Hard)
Heroin (Dawg)
I'm straight from the Nawf, I went, bought me a don (the Nawf)
I jumped off the porch and went bought me a gun
We boardin' the jet 'cause my dawg got a warrant
We don't give a fuck, bring the stick, where we goin'?
I'm booted up off that Molly, I cover my gun
This stick got a ELO, my aim on point (On point)
Shootin' that Glock give me pain in my joints (Pew-pew)
We shoot a fifty-round drum, honey bun (Bun)
I want two thousand, I want both of they tongues
I know how to handle it, bust on my damages
These niggas can't run, we gon' peel everyone
You know where I'm from, give a fuck how you come
Got a stick in the car and it sound like a bomb (Boom)
I came in this bitch with a mil' worth of cash (M)
Like Bandicoot, we 'bout to crash (Crash)
No remorse, I put five to your dash (Bitch)
Off the porch, bought a Porsche, then I drag
Off the building, them young niggas slide (Slide)
Put up 30, now you do the math (Fool)
If you seek on my son, I won't hide (I won't hide)
Bullets rain, we give him a bath

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