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Migos - Culture (feat. DJ Khaled)

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
They try to play us, they play themselves
(808 Mafia) This the intro
For all you fuckboys that ever doubted the Migos
You played yourself! (Another one)
Fuckboy, bow down

[Chorus: Takeoff & DJ Khaled]
Spin off in the coupe, typhoon (Skrt skrt)
I act an ass, baboon
Wrappin' that dope, cocoon
Young rich nigga in the room
Finesse a nigga, no raccoon
Spendin' M&M's in June
Took a trip to Cancun
CULTURE album comin' soon (Another one)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Yeah, I bought the Benz off the lot
Just to give your ho a lift
I'm havin' the sauce in the refrigerator
Just make sure you bring the chips
Ayy, it's a fuck nigga in the back
Just look at him, look at him plot
He prolly think it's a club light
But really it's the red dot

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