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Mick Jenkins - Carefree

I was off the drugs, I was off the dranks, I was off the vibes
Got nothin' to hide, I'm with the squad, don't make me throw it up
She by my side, we bonafide, that shit is nice

[Verse 1]
It just don't look like this
If you living carefree then you probably don't look like us
Damn, nigga, let me cook right quick, on the beach
Couple niggas, we was cool and it's just 'bout dusk
Shawty never smoked kush like this
Some fire-ass music playin', grindin' on me
You know I had to push right back, reflex, respect
No suspect shit, came late
Goofy niggas missed the sunset
We ain't even give a fuck, got the Backwoods, though
Dropped those niggas, would've been upset
Only hit it two times 'cause I know that the paper's more of her speed she could fuck with
And I like that shit, she don't duck shit, but we was cool
And I said we didn't want smoke, so when the cops popped up
It was Pop Smoke, niggas proceeded to get on that fuck shit
Now I'm worried 'bout dyin' for speaking my mind, they keep on callin' it tough shit
I ain't do too much, just rough shit
Whole time it really is way too much shit
Playin' that shit right, it's some tough shit
And they know just which one to fuck with
It's just some shit we stuck with

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