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Michael Cera - Those Days

In those days, when my hands were tied
And thinkin' was suicide
Close your eyes, you'd be petrified
So I bought myself a ticket
Back where I belonged in those days
Back where I belonged in those days

See a guy like that walking down the street
You'd nearly leave your skin
He's proud to say he's got his wits about him
Take a look at the shape you're in
All the faith you've got left is in your medicine
So open up wide and swallow that pride
And long for a comfort the world won't provide
Adrift on the oceans of doubt in your soul
Consumed by the tide, you're swallowed up whole

If only someobody would've told me so
'Cause I didn't put up much of a fight in those days
I didn't put up too much of a fight in those daysYou might also like

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