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Michael Cera Palin - Laughing Makes It Worse

Bury me in the backyard with my best friends
Eventually each means will reach its end
They're drinking on the couch, so I’m leaving any minute now
I guess I'm just more diffident than I present

'Cause I just want to go to sleep
And find some silence in my dreams
But I cannot rest, though I feel weak
And I just want to go to bed
And find some silence in my head
But my thoughts are bursting at the seams

Bury me in your bedroom without sheets
Feed me your false pretense. Make me feel complete-
-ly hammered, getting nailed, enamored with being frail
In situations where false ends justify these means

But I just want to go to bed
With someone who will not forget
How I made them feel when we first met
And I just want to fall asleep
Beside someone who dreams of me
Someone who will miss me when I’m dead

But I still can't fall asleep
{You know something?}
{I always thought you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen}
{Ever since I first saw you.}
{That's nice, Harry. That makes me feel really good. You know other people have told me that before? And it was meaningless.}

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