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Michael Cera Palin - Go Home. Play Music. Feel Better.

Right now I'm crawling out of the skin I'm entitled to
Into the one you think makes me look best
Is it you or me who I'll attempt to be lying to
Only to show my colors when I get undressed
Showcasing my body, miserably recounting
Creating a mirage, imitating intimacy in Cobb County

But I will not falter, I will not budge
I will stop trying to say it doesn't matter so much
Take on a cause, hold for the applause
Impulsive vanity's a common crutch
Coming to terms with the matter of facts
Like the fact that I matter at all
Consume my body the way I consume Adderall

I know something you don't
We'll talk it over if you'd answer your phone
(I'll sit and wait in my bed, I'll sit and wade in your head)

Coming to find I need to pick up my slack
Realize I can't go back
To pick up pieces, fulfill those things that I lack

Wide-eyed and not so smart
For I'm just a body, a temple with doors kept as open as my heart
Long drive full of thoughts
Thinking we could be something worthwhile, but nonetheless we'll never talk
So go home where you roam
Take comfort in wherever you plant your feet
I'm running in circles, I'm falling down

Coming to find I can't get out of my head
But maybe all of this is better unsaid

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