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Metro Boomin - Space Cadet (feat. Gunna)

[Intro: Gunna]
Yeah, ooh
Metro on these
Boominati wave, uh
(We've done it with robotic arm on the space shuttle
We’ve done it with direct launch of modules)
Prepare for lightspeed

[Chorus: Gunna]
Bought a spaceship, now I'm a space cadet (Space cadet)
Big white mansion is my habitat (Habitat)
Aim a lot of sticks like it's laser tag (Laser tag)
Fuck a rich bitch, havin’ rich sex (Rich sex)
Smoke a lot of trees, need a weed plant (Weed plant)
Addicted to codeine, where the lean at? (Where the lean at?)
Sleepin' on these G's, it's a beanbag (Beanbag)
Got Rick Owen jeans, cost a cool rack (Cool rack)

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Check came from my fans, life is fantastic (Fantastic)
I was broke as hell, sleepin' on the mattress (On the mattress)
I felt like it's Hell, wasn't nobody happy
Hot shells droppin' out the semi-automatic (Hot shells)
Ran it up, bought a condo, got a new addy (Ran it up)
Got the VVs with a Vlone jean jacket (VVs)
They can’t see me, even if you had 3D glasses (3D glasses)
Bad bitch in the bikini, she from Calabasas (Calabasas)
Got a pocket full of bleu cheese and some green relish
I’m a psycho for these hundreds, got a cash fetish (Cash fetish)
I've been studyin’ these hundreds, I'm a mathematic
And this love make me wanna buy my dad a Caddy
'Cause the love got me geeked up, I don't need an Addy
Dracos let these niggas know we war-ready (’Cos)
Expensive clothes on my bitches, we ain't ball-cappin'
Alien, feel like I'm livin' on my own planet

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