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MellowHype - Polyurthane

[Verse 1]
So, me and my crew decide to hit up a party
When we got to the joint it had already started
I had some food with me from Boston Market
Save for after Mary Jane because I already sparked it
Then we parked the car, as I opened the door
Some honeys in the driveway passed out on the floor
It's a mixed-race crowd, everybody's segregatin'
We can't dance cause all these people steady hatin'
I'mma groove cause I'm smooth, I be doing my thang
But I hate being around when niggas wanna bang
Then the fight break out and it's one of them gangs
Acting like they manufactured, identical, the same
Niggas can't fight and revert to the flame
Blew his brains out from not using his brain
It's so insane how we put ourselves to shame
If the government could, they'd have all us niggas detained
Life is but a dream and I'm high
These haters on a lower level nigga I'm high
These hoes be tryna roll but baby I'm high
These niggas tryna smoke it but I'm already high

Is you high? (Now roll it up)
Cause I'm high (I light it up)
And he high (I take a puff)
And she shy (Let's snort a sniff)
And we high (I shoot it up)
And we high (Let's take a sip)
And we high (Cause we high)
And we high (Wait, what happened next?)

[Verse 2]
He got a '96 Volvo, it's the year of '96
Slangin' out his trunk, he had about 90 kicks
Bought a MPC which had about 90 kicks
Flipped the drug money for studio, composed 90 hits
He wanted it all, he's an almighty kid
Got a girl, chasin' girls, such a greedy grimy kid
Stole from his family, rockin' all the hand-me's
Always got his hand out, can't somebody hand me
My childhood back cause I'm runnin' on the line
And the line's runnin' flat but my rhyme's soundin' fat
So I'll survive off that, born and raised in the trap
It's a rap when I rap so it's a wrap
Piggie in a blanket, house arrest flow
Like the brace around my anklet, fundraiser spirit
Welcome to my fucking banquet, well it costs to be a boss
So don't think I don't pay shit, if it's odd it don't make sense
I'm in the middle of the money like Malcolm
Because I work hard, working hard is how come
I don't be focused on the outcome
Cause I'm the bullets cocked and your child out
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Go to high school going to college I'm high
Getting my education expectations so high
Head's in the clouds with Mellowhype rollin' by
Burger in my bag with a large extra fry

Cause I'm high (Roll it up)
And he high (We lit it up)
And we high (Oh, we smoked it up)
And she shy (Bitch, let's take a sniff)
But she bi (We took a stiff)
I'm a guy (Wait, what the fuck?)
She like girls (Oh, shit)
So do I (There go the cops)

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